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Test and Tag

As a small business owner, you might be wondering - what is ‘test and tag’? Any portable electrical appliance, including power cables, need to be routinely tested to ensure they are functioning correctly and safely. The primary goal is to make sure the device isn’t hazardous, and your employees are not at risk of electrical shock. So test and tag (also referred to as testing and tagging, portable appliance testing and PAT Testing), is the process of testing these appliances, making sure they pass and then tagging them appropriately.

Who Can Do Test & Tag Testing?

This test needs to be carried out by a certified competent person who has had training in the test and tag process. For some industries, such as construction and mining, these tests are compulsory and need to be conducted every three months. Other industry sectors may not have the same mandatory requirements, but as an employer, you can still be liable if a piece of equipment you own causes injury to an employee.

For many small businesses, the requirement to do regular test and tag can place unfair demands on their workforce, and many opt to outsource this testing to professionals like Profix. We offer a complete test and tag service and can even help with repairs to equipment that fail the testing process.

What appliances need to be tested and tagged?

Any appliance that has a flexible cable, a removable plug and is not low voltage (i.e. not more than 50V). This includes power cables, power tools, RCD’s, kitchen appliances. New appliances don’t need testing - just visually inspected and tagged.

How often should they be tested and tagged?

The frequency of testing varies according to industry and use of the equipment, but here is a general guide:

Three months - for the building, construction and demolition sectors

Six months - for factories, warehouses and production facilities

Twelve months - where the equipment/supply cord is prone to flexing or open to abuse

Five yearly - where the equipment/supply cord is not prone to flexing or open to abuse


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