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Shower Screen Installation

When it comes to bathroom renovation, installing a shower screen is something you want to get right first time. It needs to fit the physical space, complement the rest of the bathroom decor and above all - not leak! A shower screen needs to look good while keeping your bathroom clean and dry on the outside.

The key to a successful shower screen installation is:

  1. Choosing the right product
  2. Getting installed professionally.

Choosing a Shower Screen

Before you select a shower screen, you need to evaluate the space and decide what style will best suit your needs. One of the primary considerations is whether to go with a dedicated shower cubicle or a shower over bath combo. Available space often determines the most suitable option, but it’s also a matter of personal choice. Some people are happy to forego a bath altogether, whereas others might insist on having a bathtub installed. Here are some other design points to consider:

  • Which way should the shower door open?
  • How large does the shower need to be?
  • Do you require an easy to access shower space?

At Profix, we use and recommend Pivotech Shower Screens—they provide high-quality custom solutions that are adaptable to the requirements of your bathroom design.

Shower Screen Material

Shower screens can be glass or acrylic, clear or tinted. Glass screens are made from toughened safety glass and provide a premium look. Acrylic screens are a more affordable option but are equally safe and have the benefit of being lighter weight. 

Shower Screen Doors

The shower screen door plays a key part in your shower’s look and function. If space is tight, then a sliding or bifold door might be the best option. For larger bathrooms, a pivot or generous hinged door will provide easy access to the shower cubicle.

Professional Installation

Shower installation is definitely a project best left to the professionals. It may seem like a relatively simple job, but there is a lot of hidden complexity, and a poorly installed shower screen could lead to water damage and expensive repairs. Profix has professional shower screen installers who do this sort of work every day. We service the greater Karratha area, Pilbara and beyond.


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