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Security Lights Installation

Burglary of our homes and commercial premises is a risk we all face. In Western Australia, 4.3% of households have experienced a break-in, which unfortunately is higher than the national average. In a 2015 study of detained burglars, they were asked what factors would deter them from attempting to enter a property. 22.8% identified sensor lights on the outside of a property as a significant deterrent.

Security light installation is a proven method to improve security around your home or business, and Profix has a range of solutions to suit your individual requirements.

Sensor Light Installation

Motion detecting sensor lights are a highly effective security measure, as they can surprise potential home intruders and discourage them from further action. Sensor lights should be positioned for maximum outdoor spread while minimising light spill inside the home. We will help you locate the best positions for sensor lights and adjust their Lux, Time and Sensitivity settings for optimum performance. Apart from the obvious security benefits, sensor lights are beneficial in areas such as driveways and carports, giving you automatic lighting when you arrive home in the evening.

Timer Light Installation

Security solutions are not restricted to outdoor lighting. We can also set you up with sensor and timer systems for your interior lighting. Smart lighting technology means you can have lights turn on as you walk into a room. Timers are an excellent way to simulate occupancy when you are away from your home, and house lights can be programmed to simulate regular ‘at-home’ activity.

Flood Light Installation

Floodlighting is an excellent option for commercial and industrial sites, where you want continual illumination to improve visibility. Increased light levels also help security camera systems to capture higher quality footage.

Outdoor & Pool Lighting

Once your security lighting needs are sorted, we can also help with general outdoor lighting and power installation, including:

  • Swimming pool power and pumps
  • Garden and patio lighting
  • 12V installations, including transformers.

Whether you need lighting for security or home improvement, we have a comprehensive range of options including LED, floodlights and solar-powered light fittings. Talk to the security lighting specialists at Profix today.

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