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Roof Installation & Cladding

The roof and wall cladding can be viewed as the ‘skin’ of your building—protecting the interior and defining the look of your property. Your roof serves many functions apart from keeping the weather out—it provides a foundation for add-ons such as solar panels and satellite dishes. For many homeowners, it’s the conduit for rainwater capture as well.

Roof Cladding

When you’re doing a new build, the roof installation is a pivotal point in the construction process. It’s the first step in making the building watertight. For a re-roof, having professional roofing contractors that can work quickly and efficiently is paramount. Ideally, you’ll want to minimise the time between removing the old roof and installing a new one. A key step in this process is proper installation of the roof waterproofing, which needs to happen when the roof area is exposed. Timing is critical when it comes to roofing services, and that’s where the resources and workforce at Profix can ensure the job gets done right first time.

Wall Cladding

Whether it’s weatherboard, brick, board and batten or another material—cladding really defines the aesthetic of your building. Owners of homes and commercial properties expect high standards of water tightness and modern wall cladding systems require a fair amount of expertise in installation. Joins around window and door joinery can be a weak point for leaks without due care when installing wall waterproofing and flashings.


One way to transform the look of a dwelling is to re-clad the exterior walls. Not only do you get a fresh look, but it also provides a perfect opportunity to improve the lining, as the existing building paper may have perished or slumped. New insulation can be added and any electrical or plumbing services added or changed with ease.

Re-cladding and re-roofing is a significant investment in your home or commercial building, but protecting your asset is always money well spent. If you’d like to discuss a roof installation or wall cladding project—call the team at Profix.


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