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Plaster Wall Repair

Here’s a common situation: your kids are jumping around in their bedroom when suddenly you hear a crunching noise. Now you’ve got a hole in your wall. Plasterboard has many useful properties, including ease of installation and a smooth surface for painting, but it can be prone to cracks, dents and the occasional gaping hole!

Fix that Hole in the Wall

The good news is that we can repair your plasterboard damage. You can attempt it yourself, but it can be a tricky job to get a good finish that doesn’t look like a wall patch. A poorly executed plaster wall repair is likely to annoy you for months or years, whereas a professional plaster wall repair will provide a seamless finish that effectively restores the wall to its original condition.

The Art of Plaster Repair

Anyone who has tried their hand at plaster repairs will know it takes a fair amount of skill and experience to get that smooth finish. A hole in wall repair usually involves cutting away the crumbly damaged plasterboard and trimming the gap back to a neat square or rectangle. This space is then filled with plasterboard cut to size, skim coated and painted. It’s essential that the patch is correctly fixed in place, to avoid any cracks appearing later. Our expert repair team at Profix know all the little tricks that ensure a successful repair.

Fixing Cracks in Walls

Cracks in walls and ceilings are usually caused by movement in the Gyprock or plasterboard sheets. A sheet that isn’t properly fixed to the timber framing can flex and create cracks. Dry weather conditions can also cause shrinkage and cracking.

Match & Patch

Of course, any repair to a hole, crack, or dent needs finishing with a good paint job. Profix offer a Match & Patch service—we’ll match your existing paint colour and provide a complete service from patching to plastering and painting. Get in touch for a free quote!


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