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Painting Services in Karratha

For a professional painting service, with top quality products and experienced, qualified tradesmen.

Match & Patch

Need a hole in your gyprock patched and painted? We can professionally plaster any holes, scrapes or dings, and match your existing paint for a quality finish at an affordable price.  Send us a detailed description of the job, including how big the hole is, and also send along some photos both close up and in context. This way, we will be able to provide you with a quick cost estimate!

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Internal & External Re-Paints

Is your home, rental property, or commercial property looking a bit dated and tired? Just a simple re-paint in a fresh, modern colour, can make a huge difference to its presentation.

Our professional team are knowledgeable and well-experienced in all kinds of painting projects. From painting for indoor and outdoor surfaces, to paint jobs that aim to achieve matte, satin, gloss, eggshell, or marbled finishes, our experts are well-equipped to help you no matter how simple or complex your painting project may be.

Roof Restoration

How much does it cost to get a re-roofing project done? $20,000, $30,000, or more? Avoid an outrageously expensive re-roof by restoring and protecting your roof with a restoration coating instead. This affordable painting option could potentially add years to the service life of your roof, saving you a lot of money in the process.

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Heat Reflective Coatings

Heat reflective coating not only treats and protects ageing roofs, it also helps prevent radiant heat from excessively warming up your roof and attic. This means you’ll end up using less energy to cool your home, thus allowing you to save more money. Our professional painters are experienced in the correct preparation and application of these special coatings.

Concrete Painting

Hard-wearing flooring grade paints are an ideal way to freshen up old concrete paths, patios, and other areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. We also have industrial paints available for special paint jobs as well. No matter which area in your home you plan to spruce up, our team can easily turn boring, grey concrete into something more beautiful and more interesting.

Epoxy Paint Flake Coatings

Restore your dated flooring, wall tiling, and benchtops with a specialist epoxy paint flake coating. These are extremely hard wearing and will give an immediate brand-new finish to any surface—one that will last for years. Epoxy paint flake coatings are also great for garages, shops, and showrooms for a quality, high-gloss finish.

Commerical Painting Services

Most exterior and interior surfaces in a building require a good paint finish to provide protection and durability. For exterior substrates, paint defends against damage from solar radiation, moisture and other environmental hazards. Modern paint formulations are highly UV resistant and will last for many years if applied professionally.

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Karratha homeowners and businesses can trust Profix painters. Since 2015, we have been providing professional painting services through our team of qualified and highly experienced tradesmen. Whether you require house painting or commercial painting services, Profix is the painting contractor you can rely on to get the job done.

Our professional painters use quality exterior paints, interior paints, industrial paints, and other specialty paint products that you won’t find in just any hardware store. This means we’re ready to perform any paint job you can imagine. 

Wherever you are in the Pilbara Region, our professional painters are prepared to lend you a hand. We have years of experience serving customers not just in Karratha, but also in Dampier, Wickham, Roebourne, Point Samson, and other areas in the Australian Northwest.

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For paint jobs big and small, you can bank on Profix Australia to finish your painting project fast according to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Get in touch with us by calling us on 08 9185 5550, send us an email at or book directly using the 'Self Service Online Booking' button (below) to get started on your project.

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