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Garden Reticulation

Irrigation Reticulation

Our skilled team can supply and install all reticulation components for your residential or commercial landscaping. We stock all major brands of controllers, rotors, sprayers, misters, drippers & all PVC, HDPE & Poly pipe products.

New Installs & Repairs

We can provide a complete design and install service for new installations, including with multiple stations and zones with a wide range of available products. We can also provide a highly effective repair service for your existing system to refurbish or simply just replace a few components to get your system back up and running.

Reclaimed water systems

A great way to save water and provide your gardens with nutrient rich water! Our team can service, repair and install new systems for handling your recycled grey water or treated effluent water to irrigate your gardens or dispersal field.

Routine Maintenance

Irrigation systems are subject to harsh conditions in the elements, as well as tree roots and other external factors. A great way to maintain your system is by routine maintenance – this regular, cost effective service will see your system routinely checked, repaired and optimised to give your gardens a consistently adequate water supply all year round.

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