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Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashback

The kitchen splashback has evolved from a humble kitchen surface to a design statement in many modern kitchen designs. Also known as a backsplash in the US, this panel situated behind the main cooking area captures most of the spills and splatters from home cooking on it’s easy to clean surface. A full splashback that spans an entire kitchen bench, including cooking and food prep areas, will help make your kitchen an attractive and inviting space.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are increasingly popular, as they offer a durable, wipeable surface, with many colour options available. At Profix, we primarily source from WA GlassKote, one of the leading suppliers of glass splashbacks in Western Australia. GlassKote has a strong relationship with Dulux, which means they can offer a stunning palette of over 2000 colours for their glass product. Measured on-site and custom made, so they fit perfectly into your space, these kitchen glass splashbacks are a premium product that will add a wow factor to your kitchen area.


The GlassKote Difference

There are several different processes for colouring glass. Colour can be infused in the molten glass, but this is expensive, and there are limited colour options. You can laminate a colour layer in between outer layers of clear glass, but this limits the types of glass you can use and is also an expensive process. GlassKote uses an industry proven coating technique that delivers a super-hard surface that is highly resilient to scratching.


Other Kitchen Splashback Options

Of course, there are other more traditional splashback options available to the homeowner, including tiles and stainless steel. Stainless steel splashbacks offer a range of surface finishes, including brushed, satin and mirror.

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