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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are a central part of modern Australian life. They’re the hub of so many activities including meals, entertaining, homework or just a coffee catch up.

As a consequence, kitchens tend to wear out more quickly than other parts of the house. A good quality kitchen should last 15-20 years, but some components will last longer than others. Is your place ready for a kitchen makeover?

At Profix, kitchen refurbishment is our specialty.

We can install a budget-focused kitchen into a rental house, a high-spec kitchen for the family home or anything in between. Today there is a multitude of choices when it comes to surfaces and finishes. We work alongside all the top suppliers in the kitchen manufacturing industry to bring you the best options available.

What Makes a Good Kitchen?

Kitchen design is all about personal preferences. Some may prefer a minimal approach with neutral colours, whereas others may go for a bold statement. When working with a kitchen designer, you must make your preferences known to them. At the same time, it pays to take on board any recommendations the designer puts forward, as they deal with the mechanics of kitchen design every day. Here are some factors to consider when planning your kitchen refurb:

  • Set a budget for your kitchen remodel
  • Create a wishlist of items and features you’d like in the new design
  • Is your existing kitchen in the right spot? 
  • Consider traffic flows - e.g. is the fridge close enough to the bench?
  • What appliances need to be installed and where?


Start With A Budget In Mind

It’s essential to begin with a budget, as this will help our design team determine the best options in terms of componentry and finishes. Like any renovation, a kitchen refurbishment can expose unexpected issues such as rotten floorboards so your budget should include some contingency funds for repairs and modifications.

Design Elements to Consider

Creating a wishlist helps you define the reasons why you are remodelling. Is it for better flow, more storage space or perhaps a more contemporary look?

As part of the design process, many of our clients discover that their existing kitchen is not in the best location after all and should be moved. Sometimes a reorientation of bench space is all that’s required to transform a kitchen area.

Traffic flows are another vital consideration—is it easy to bring groceries from the car to the kitchen? Is there a handy bench space when you pull that roast out of the oven? You should also factor in the appliances you intend to use or install and whether you have adequate benchtop space to accommodate them. 

Contact Us to Get Started

Most people know when it’s time to do a kitchen renovation. When that time comes - give the kitchen refurb specialists at Profix a call.

We will project manage the whole process for you - bringing together the cabinetry, joinery, electrical, plumbing and carpentry required to get the job done.

Call us on 08 9185 5550, send us an email at or book directly using the ‘Self Service Online Booking’ button below to get started on your kitchen makeover.