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Facades & Soffit Installation

Building exteriors need to look good and perform well. They’re exposed to constant weather elements such as rain, wind, heat and cold, so the materials and construction methods need to be code-compliant and fit for purpose. Using a professional builder like Profix, you can rest assured that we’ll do the job quickly and correctly.

What are Facades & Soffits?

Facades are a fancy name for the primary, front-facing exterior wall of your building. Usually, it applies to commercial properties where you may have a custom-designed shop front or office entrance. An architecturally designed facade can often provide significant construction challenges, with multiple surfaces or curving elements.

Soffits are the exterior lining that is fixed horizontally to the underside of your building’s eaves. They seem insignificant but must be correctly installed to ensure moisture doesn’t penetrate your building’s interior. On larger architectural designs - the soffits are often a feature, with large overhangs and premium wood finishes.

Ceiling Soffits are Different

Ceiling soffits are used as a concealing feature inside a house or office. Typically they’re used to hide away plumbing or ducting, or sometimes as a design feature for recessed lighting fixtures. In retail spaces, soffit ceilings can add design flair to a space, while disguising the more functional aspects of a commercial interior.

Do Your Walls Need Repair?

Eventually, most exterior cladding needs repair or replacement. This work presents several challenges, including:

  • Height - may require scaffolding for overheight facades and walls
  • Watertightness - repairs need to be carried out correctly to avoid leaks and damp issues
  • Safety - the site needs to be safe from hazards and protected while repairs are done

For this reason, it pays to engage the professionals at Profix, who can manage the entire repair process, from design and consents through to construction and sign-off.

Interior Linings

Alongside any exterior cladding and facade work, our team can also provide new interior lining to your home or commercial building. Whether it’s a standard gyprock install or a more bespoke material such as high-grade plywood, our team offers a quick and efficient service with minimal disruption.

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