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Custom Made Screens for Doors & Windows

Screens are your home’s first line of guarding your property against unwanted intrusions. Profix provides custom made screens for your doors and windows using high-quality materials in a style to suit your needs.

Screens offer protection from a range of elements, including:

  • Flies and Insects
  • Airborne Debris
  • Cyclone Protection
  • Security from Intruders

Screens allow you to safely keep your doors and windows open for ventilation, without worrying about what might fly in or who might walk in. Our range of custom screens covers everything from simple fly screens to Cyclone shields for the ultimate protection.

Through our supplier ClearShield, we can offer the highest quality stainless steel screens—purpose made to withstand the rigours of cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Security Screens

For extra peace of mind at your home or commercial property—Profix can custom-make and fit diamond barriers screens or aluminium mesh screens to keep your premises secure. One way to improve your security substantially is to include a deadlock system in your security screen. Deadlocks prevent an intruder from easily unlocking from the inside and limits their ability to walk out with your valuables!

Tips When Choosing a Screen

At Profix, we work with a range of screen materials, and we can help you find a solution that best fits your needs. For regions prone to bushfires or storms, we recommend stainless steel screens. If you’re close to the beach and tiny midges and sandflies are driving you crazy—make sure you go for a mesh screen with a tight weave. If you’re loving the scenic from your window and want to keep it that way, consider a larger weave mesh to let more of the view through. Some of the other factors to consider when choosing a screen are:

  • What type of protection do you require? Insects, Weather, Security?
  • Will your screen need protection from pet scratches?
  • Do you want a permanent or retractable screen solution?

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