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Commercial Painting Services

Most exterior and interior surfaces in a building require a good paint finish to provide protection and durability. For exterior substrates, paint defends against damage from solar radiation, moisture and other environmental hazards. Modern paint formulations are highly UV resistant and will last for many years if applied professionally.

For interiors, a well-painted wall offers more resistance to marks and stains, offering a barrier that preserves the lining beneath. Special paint treatments for wet areas such as bathroom and laundries provide greater protection from mould and mildew.

Paint Adds Value

Of course, paint is not just about protection. Paint is also about colour and design. 

A well-chosen colour scheme will enhance your property’s visual appeal and undoubtedly add value. This is where the services of the commercial painting contractors at Profix can make a big difference. We’ll consult with you on colour and product choices to ensure you get a quality result.

Our Painting Services

The team at Profix provide a complete commercial painting service, from surface preparation to final coat. Whether its refreshing a single room or a full top-to-bottom paint job on a newly constructed commercial building—our commercial painting services have got you covered.

The Paint Process

We start our paint projects with a site visit, so we can discuss your requirements and calculate the resources required. Some factor to consider are:

Access. Will the site require scaffolding? What is the best time to commence work?

Surface Prep. Does the old paint need to be removed? Does the cladding need spot repairs?

Surface Finishing. Interior walls and joinery may need plasterwork and gap filling of screw holes.

Sealing. Timber and metal surfaces often require sealing and undercoating to ensure proper adhesion for the top layers of paint.

Painting. Paint selection is crucial for achieving the desired result. There are different paint formulations for exteriors, decking and joinery. Do you want low sheen or high gloss?

Profix: Paint Professionals

A DIY paint job that goes wrong can be hard to undo. Incorrect surface preparation will cause paint coats to crack and peel prematurely, allowing moisture to seep in. That’s why commercial painting is a task best left to the professionals, giving you peace of mind and a paint finish that will last for years. Talk to the team at Profix about our commercial painting services today.


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