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Ceiling and Extractor Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a popular choice for Australian homes and businesses. They work by pulling hot air up and pushing cooler air down. Fans also create a positive airflow which helps even out room temperatures. We often recommend a combination of air conditioning and ceiling fans to our clients. One option is an AC unit installation in your main living area, supported by extra ceiling fans that help distribute the cooler air. Ceiling fans have a much lower running cost than air conditioning, so a combination of fans and AC is an excellent way to lower your power bill.

Selecting the Right Fan 

As part of any ceiling fan installation, the team at Profix can advise you on the best options for each room in your home, office or commercial site. Large spaces require high airflow fans to be effective, whereas a bedroom needs a whisper-quiet fan for obvious reasons. Here are some of the fan options available:

  • Outdoor Fans (for patios, verandas etc.)
  • Coastal Area Fans (Saltwater resistant)
  • Low Profile Fans (for low ceiling heights)
  • Ceiling Fans with lights

Your ceiling fan installation will be carried out by a registered electrician from Profix. We can also assist you with professional installation of wall controls for your fans.

We Do Ceiling Fan Repair

We offer a complete ceiling fan maintenance service, including parts replacement, electrical troubleshooting and safety testing. Ceiling fan maintenance should only be carried out by professionals to avoid hazards such as electrical shorts or injury from spinning blades.

Extractor Fan Installation

We recommend you install extractor fans to remove unwanted odours and for extracting heat from roof spaces. Typically for bathroom and toilets, we suggest a ceiling mounted extractor fan. Depending on your situation, we can install a wall, window or roof-mounted extractor. In some cases, extractor units require ducting to an outside vent.

Our service includes extractor fan maintenance. Extractors are prone to a buildup of grime and need regular servicing to ensure they operate efficiently. Did your extractor give up on you? No problem, we do extractor fan repairs at we can sort you out promptly.

So if you’re looking for ceiling fan maintenance and installation—talk to the team at Profix.

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