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Cabinetry Installation

Cabinetry Installation


The key to making any room function well is proper storage. Whether its the kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom - well-built cabinetry not only offers storage, it keeps the space tidy and organised. Many older houses were built with inadequate storage - or they may have old wardrobes that are large but strangely inefficient. 


Kitchen cabinets are the core of any kitchen design, but they get a particularly hard life with everyday use. A cabinet refresh can not only change the look - you can improve the way your storage works and fine-tune it to your needs — no more banging cupboard doors with soft-close mechanisms. Always on your knees looking for something at the back of that old pot cupboard? Save your knees (and your back) with a convenient pull-out pot drawer. 

Installing new kitchen cabinets often provides an excellent opportunity to improve your kitchen lighting as well. You can incorporate concealed LED strip lighting into your cabinet designs to provide efficient task lighting that looks great. Appliances such as ovens and fridges can be integrated with the new cabinet installation to provide a seamless look.


Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces that require well-designed cabinet storage. Higher moisture levels mean these cabinets tend to have a shorter lifespan. The team at Profix can recommend moisture-resilient surfaces that work well in a bathroom. More importantly, our installers will ensure bathroom cabinets are properly sealed at the joins to avoid water penetration.


For office spaces, you need cabinetry that does the job but also presents a professional image. Stylish office cabinets can be a real focal point in your office space - providing secure storage and reducing clutter. In a new office fit-out - cupboards and cabinets can serve a dual purpose, providing a place to keep things but also a divider between workspaces. Profix offers custom solutions for office spaces with commercial-grade materials, including heavy-duty hardware and shelving systems.



Bedrooms require a lighter approach, with flexible wardrobe solutions that accommodate the needs of the space. Kids bedrooms need cabinets that can handle the rigours of their activities and keep all the toys off the floor! For the grown-ups, the best solution might be a walk-in wardrobe with a combination of custom and open shelves and closed cabinets.

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