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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovation


The most common feedback we get from clients after a successful bathroom refurb is: “I wish we’d done this sooner!”.

Next to a kitchen makeover, bathroom renovations are one of those transformative projects that can make a tangible difference to your quality of life, not to mention your home’s resale value.

Like the kitchen, bathrooms get a lot of use and often, demand exceeds supply! Some of our clients have opted to relocate or install a new toilet in a separate dedicated room, to maximise usability.

We’ve altered bathroom layouts for our clients, to improve access and make the best use of existing space. Sometimes the bathroom is just in the wrong place altogether, and the best option is to re-purpose the area and install a new bathroom elsewhere in the house.

Bathroom Renovations on Any Budget

Our specialty is bathroom renovations on a budget. It’s easy to go overboard with expensive fittings and fixtures, but we prefer to focus on efficient design, to get the best possible outcome that meets your needs and your budget.

In some cases, a bathroom remodel might only require ‘resurfacing’ to bring it up to date. You might decide the old bathtub and peach-coloured vanity have to go, to make way for a sleek new shower and handbasin. 

Our Approach

Bathrooms are exposed to higher levels of moisture than other rooms, and the most cost-effective approach is often to start from scratch with new moisture resistant wall linings such as Gyprock Aquachek. Removing the old lining allows our team to check for existing water damage and re-route pipes and electrical as required.

Bathroom renovations also provide an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s efficiency. Whether its new wall insulation, a water-saving showerhead or toilet, or an on-demand hot water system - a modern bathroom will help lower your overall household running costs.

We work together with the leading suppliers in bathroom fixtures and finishings - everything from flooring and wall lining to hand basins and shower cubicles. Bring your ideas and wish list along to Profix and we can work out a custom quote, just for you.

Contact Us to Get Started...

So, are you ready for a bathroom makeover? Great! Just give the bathroom refurb specialists at Profix a call, and we can project manage the whole process for you.

We service clients in the greater Karratha area and other parts of Northwest Australia, including Pilbara, Dampier, Wickham, Roebourne, and Point Samson.

We coordinate the cabinetry, joinery, electrical, tiling, plumbing and carpentry required to get the job done. Call us on 08 9185 5550, send us an email at or book directly using the ‘Self Service Online Booking’ button below to get started on your bathroom refurbishment.